Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cupcake Camp Seattle!

It's that time again! Time for Cupcake Camp Seattle on April 17, 2011 12pm-4pm with our dear friends at Bella Cupcake Couture!!!

We are busy little bees getting ready for this cupcake filled event. Last year hundreds of cupcake lovers showed up for cupcake treats from all over the Pacific Northwest. The event benefits Hope Heart Institute
This year we took a step up and decided to be a Champagne Sponsor at the 2011 Cupcake Camp, and we will be featured along side Wink Cupcakes for this years event.

Last week we went to go check out the venue for the event, and it is going to be held at The Canal in Ballard (located at 5300 34th Avenue NW) I can't wait to see what it looks like filled up with cupcakes.

Here is what last year's set up looked like! We are totally going to out do ourselves this year!
Last year we competed in two of the three competitions, and placed 1st in the 'Most Unique Ingredients' for our Little Miss Tipsy, the Lemoncello & Raspberry Vodka cupcake delight! 
We also placed 2nd for the 'Seattle Themed Cupcake' with Oscar the Orca! 
This year we will be competing in all three of the categories; 'Healthiest Cupcake', 'Most Unique Ingredients', and 'Seattle Themed Cupcake'. Can't wait to reveal what we've got up our sleeves this year.

If you are interested in coming to Cupcake Camp Seattle 2011, CLICK HERE to go to their website!! Also, here is a link to buy TICKETS for the event. We would love to see you there. If you purchase ahead of time the tickets are $8 which includes some tasty treats for you as well, or if you show up at the event tickets go for $10 so buy early to save a few bucks!

Wedding season is also getting a good start! Here is a wedding we did for one of my favorite red heads. (I'm a little jealous of her hair color) Their wedding was a black, white, and red theme, my favorite colors! They even made their toppers of themselves, and did a great job!
Here is another wedding we did on the Skansonia in Seattle. They topped their tier with a Barbie and Ken doll. It was a beautiful day in Seattle, with a killer view for a March day! 

Well I hope everyone is getting ready for April! Don't let anyone fool you on the 1st! Got any big plans to fool your friends? I'm always so bad about fooling people... 

Check back soon & mark your calendars for April 17th!!! I'll keep you updated with info about Cupcake Camp Seattle as we get closer!!!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are you wearing GREEN?

Happy St. Patrick's day to all my cupcake loving friends! How is everyone celebrating their day of all things Green?? Over here at the cupcake shop we are celebrating with Guinness Stout Cupcakes, Irish Mocha Madness (Baily's Irish Cream anyone?!) and GREEN Velvet! Woo! Hope I find a pot of gold when I get home tonight!

Starting this Saturday in the store we are going to be collecting donations to go to the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support to help out the animals who have been effected due to the earthquakes and tsunami's in Japan. We feel it is important to help support these little critters who can't help themselves, and we would love for families to be reunited with their furry family members! Almost all of us have pets here at NYCC, and I know I'd be sad if my two kitties were harmed or separated from me in a catastrophic event like this! 

Meet Luna (front) and Hamish (back) my two ragdoll kitties. 
Here are a few of Lisa's little babies, Annabelle (cat), and Lolo (back), and Daisy (middle). She also has Lucy, Emmet, and Oliver at home too!
 We will be collecting donations from Saturday March 19th- Saturday March 9th in our store. If you donate $1.00 or more we will treat you to a free mini cupcake at the time of donation! Lisa (owner of NYCC) will also be matching all donations up to 50%. We will be making the final donation on April 11th so make sure you stop in to donate and get your free mini cupcake!

I have to get back into the kitchen to bake some more yummy treats, but I thought I'd post some pictures up of some fun treats I've made this past week!

Here is a 13th Birthday party cake and cupcakes made with owls! What a hoot!

 We also got to make some cupcake hamburgers for a sweet girl asking her boy to a Tolo dance! 

Hope everyone is having a super exciting St. Patties Day! Hope no one is getting pinched ;)


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello? Spring? Are you there?

We've been busy in the cupcake shop lately so I haven't had time to post anything! Eek! So I wanted to make sure and share some of these adorable little St. Patty's Day cupcakes and Easter cupcakes!

Here are some cute Coconut Easter Baskets with chicks, bunnies, and Easter eggs, using the Bella Cupcake Couture wrappers!
 A dozen mini's with cute little chicks and bunnies! So cute!
 St. Patty's Day Minis, rainbows and pots of gold and sparkles on top! How fun is that??
If you want to order your Easter cupcakes, just call the store at 425-283-5445 Don't miss out on these cute little treats! Order before we're booked up!

Hope everyone is enjoying the semi sunny 50 degree weather we're having today! I'll take a little sunshine over the cold anyyyy day of the week! All this rain is making me miss living in California!