Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cupcake's Take the Cake's 6th Birthday!

Hey friends! On December 7th we are going to be taking part in Cupcakes Take the Cake's 6th Birthday party! Cupcake's Take the Cake is an awesome cupcake blog, where you can find tons of fun inspiring ideas, and see some amazing cupcakes! There are going to be fun foods, cupcakes, and more! There is even going to be a cupcake piping contest which I'm going to be competing in! (Wish me luck!) The tickets are on sale for $20 and I've included all the information below from the event page! Ticket are limited, so if you want to go, get em now! We would love to see you there!


P.S. Don't forget to vote on the poll on the right side of this page! What kind of cake is your favorite at NYCC? 

Cupcakes Take the Cake is turning SIX YEARS OLD this December and blog intern, Betsy Eves of JavaCupcake.com, will be throwing a huge birthday bash in Seattle, WA to celebrate!

So mark Tuesday, December 7th on your calendars and get ready for an amazing night filled with:

* Finger food buffet & drinks (no-host bar)
* Dueling pianos for entertainment
* Cupcake piping contest
* Door prizes
* Lots of cupcakes!

Hurry… tickets are only $20 but are VERY limited so get yours now! All ages welcome!

For info on how to get your tickets, visit: http://cttcbirthdaybashwa.com/

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Welcome to the new blog!

Thank you for stopping by at the new blog site! We really appreciate you following us, and we promise to continue to keep you updated!

Some changes on this blog that are pretty fun, an easier way to subscribe to the blog, a monthly survey, and more features! So keep your eyes peeled for more updates! I'm going to try to do some give-aways with our friends and fans who are subscribing to our blog and following us, so sign up now so you don't miss out!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!



Hi everyone! I haven't been blogging lately because I've been gone for the past two months with a broken spine, and today is my first day back in action! I thought I'd start the day off with a blog, cause I love to keep everyone updated! Of course I had to have a cupcake first thing when I came in, so I'm trying the 'Southern Sweetie Potato Pie' which is DELICIOUS! If you could make the season of Fall into a cupcake, this little guy is IT! Love love love!
So this all happened when I decided to go skydiving with my dear friend Amanda, (who takes all of the photos for us here at New York Cupcakes)! Unfortunately I had a bad landing and broke my spine, but I'm healing up as well as could be expected, and I get to wear a very fancy back brace everyday. ;) Here's a picture of me up in the sky! And if your looking to skydive yourself, don't let my little mishap guide you, I still had the time of my LIFE! Hey look! It's me!

I've come into the store for the first time in a while today, and it is SO FESTIVE in here! There are pink sparklies everywhere, and holiday decorations all over the place! We are also selling a lot of our cute little ornaments, and some of our holiday items, so come in and check them out! We have a lot of fun things that would make excellent stocking stuffers! Here is a basket of cute little cupcakes that we are selling, how cute would they look on your tree? (hint hint) hehe!
Here is our little pink tree we have decorated, some of the ornaments are our own, and others are from our friends next door at Common Folk.
We are also now carrying our very own brand of loose leaf Tea! These teas are absolutely delicious! The flavors match up with our cupcake flavors, so it's a perfect compliment to our cupcakes! Right now we have 'Coney Island Coconut', 'Radio City Raspberry', 'Long Island Lemon', 'Little Miss Sunshine' (which smells so good!), 'Orange Dreamsicle', Soho Strawberry', and 'Pumpkin Patch'. These are fabulous, and make great gifts! We are also carrying cute little tea pots that are perfect for brewing just the perfect cup of tea!
Here is how the teas come! There are about 8-12 single servings per bag depending on how strong you like your tea!

Here is the darling little tea pot that we are selling with the teas! One bag of tea made in the tea pot is about 3-4 full teapots full (depending on your personal preference of how strong you like it!)
These make a great holiday gift for any tea lover! Another fun idea would be to give it as a gift with a gift card for cupcakes! How fun!
Another fun way to have cupcakes for the holidays is with the Meri Meri cupcake wrappers and decorations that we have in the shop! These are such a fun way to dress up these sweet little cakes! The Meri Meri kits run for $12.00 per box! (There is an additional fee for us baking and decorating them, call the store for details!) Here is a display we did where we baked the cupcakes in the wrappers, and decorated to match! Wouldn't this be the perfect thing for all of your holiday parties? Don't forget to special order these in advance if you want us to bake & decorate them!
Here are the Nutcraker set is also adorable! Cute little ballerinas and nutcrackers with the King Mouse and a tree! So festive!
Here is the 'Tis the Season pack! With Santas, stockings, reindeer, and a tree! This is the package that we used in our display in the store, and also pictured above!
We also have two new flavors for our Breakfast Cupcakes! One is the 'Orange U Sweet' and it is a mandarin orange cake with a cream cheese frosting, and a cute little orange slice on top! The other is the 'Strawberry Feilds Forever' which is a strawberry cake with a strawberry cream cheese frosting, topped wiht a sweet strawberry and finished with powderd sugar and sprinkles!
Give them a try the next time you stop by! Add a cup of Tully's coffee for a great way to start your day!
Keep your eye out for more blogs to come! We have a lot coming up this holiday season & I'm back in the store part time, so if you see me in here say hello! Keep warm out there everyone! Its getting cold!!!


Some Exciting Events Coming Up!

October is one of our favorite months here at NYCC for many reasons. With Halloween just around the corner we're having so much fun decorating both the cupcakes and the store! Another reason we love October so much is because every October we partner up with St. Jude for the Pin Up a Pumpkin Promotion! St. Jude Children's Hospital holds a spot very dear to our hearts. While working for corporate Gymboree, the owner of New York Cupcakes had a chance to visit the hospital and was touched by the experience. St. Jude is a top notch medical facility for many reasons. Patients aren't charged a penny and have every thing paid for. The staff at St. Jude does everything in their power to ensure that the lifestyles of the patients and their family stays as normal as possible. Patients and their families are housed, have their meals provided, and are able to continue almost all the activities they participated in prior to the diagnosis. For the above mentioned and many, many more reasons,  the work that is done at St. Jude is a lifeline for children around the world. Everything at the hospital is donation based, so we love contributing to such an overwhelmingly great cause.
    In addition to Halloween and the St. Jude fundraiser, we have some exciting events during October. The first event we will be participating in is the Ruffles and Rust event at the Monroe Evergreen Fairgrounds on October 22nd. Home made crafts and antiques are among the many things being sold, and the best part is we will be handing out cupcakes in a variety of tasty flavors. This event comes at a great time to be thinking about holiday gifts.
    Then coming up in November we have even more events. The first, on November 4th, is a Clutch Event, "Stylish In Seattle". This should be a fun one! Report shoes will be there showing off the upcoming trends in shoes. There will also be stylists and a mini treatment from Caruh Salon!
     Finally, we're so excited to be a part of Cupcakes Take the Cake's 6th Birthday Bash in Seattle. Cupcakes Take the Cake is the #1 cupcake blog, and we love their site! We will be providing plenty  of fun flavors for this event! For ticket information go to http://javacupcake.ticketleap.com/cupcakest...ke-the-cake-6th-birthday-bash/


Sorry to leave everyone hanging for a while there... We thought we'd have the chance to blog about last week's events once the excitement died down, but the fun spilled on over to this week too! Girl Power Hour 3 was even better than expected! We got to the venue about three hours early to begin setting up, hoping to have a little leeway time before the show, but as we learned, setting up 600 mini cupcakes, a 2 level cake, and 5 regular cupcakes is more work than what one would expect. Luckily we finished just in time and were able to enjoy the event! The tier looked amazing and we got to network with a lot of great people! The whole venue was fantastic. In the V.I.P. area they had professional stylists doing hair and makeup, massages, open bar, and delicious food from vendors all around the Seattle area. I think we each ate about a thousand of these Baby Buns mini cheeseburgers! There was also a fashion show and lots of other fun things. My personal favorite part was getting to introducing our cupcakes to new customers and hearing their encouraging feedback! Here are some pictures to show you what the event had to offer.
Lisa, the owner with her cupcakes
the finished tier! 600 mini cupcakes, 5 regular, and a 2 level cake
Lizzie and me (Kelly) with our finished product
the GPH team
just a couple hours after the started and this is all we had left... (notice the half eaten mini cheeseburgers in the corner... yum!)
   And now for this weeks exciting news... We are offering several new flavors! The first is a new spin on an old favorite! After many requests we've decided to alter the coconut cupcake by adding coconut into the cake! Yummmmy! And tomorrow we are introducing our seasonal flavors for October. The first is the Pumpkin Patch, which will be available in three different variations. You can choose between pumpkin cake baked on a golden graham cracker crust with our classic white buttercream, a moist white cake with the most delicious pumpkin pie buttercream, or for the real pumpkin lovers, the pumpkin cake with pumpkin buttercream. Finally, we have the Big Caramel Apple, the sweetest apple cake with creamy caramel frosting and a candied apple sweet treat on top. That's all for now, I can't write any more because those pumpkin cupcakes have put me in a food coma!
New York Cupcakes

What a week!

Well it's been quite the exciting week here at New York Cupcakes! We're huge Seahawk fans here, so we're totally stoked to have received visits from a few of our favorite NFL players. They seem to love the red velvet cake and have even tweeted about us! Last night was Runway to Freedom, a charity fashion show to benefit New Beginnings. As someone who has never gone to a fashion show until last night, let me just tell you all that it was AMAZING. Lauren Grinnell and Shawn Michael, the organizers of the show, really out did themselves. Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the event.
our cupcake display for the show
our very own cupcake girl Chloe with designer Lina Cho
Lina Cho took me back to her tent and showed me some of the designs! Chloe wore the bra (left) made out of braided synthetic hair and the shredded skirt in the show!
Rapper Macklemore's awesome DJ Ryan Lewis eating "the best cupcake" he's ever had!

    The fashion show a ended up being a great success! Way to go Lauren, Shawn and team! We're also happy to report that we've already sold out of our Cancer Care for kids cupcake toppers and the week isn't even over yet! Thanks so much to everyone who bought these cupcakes and supported this great cause.
    And finally tonight we have the Third Annual Girl Power Hour, an event created for the female business owners of Western Washington to network with one another. We're extremely excited for this event, as it will be our biggest mini display ever! We will have 500 mini cupcakes and a gorgeous two layer cake originally designed by Heather Betts and recreated by our newest baker/decorator, Luyda Lis. Tonight will also be the debut of a new flavor, Pink Champagne Wishes, which we created just for the event! If it's successful tonight it may be the seasonal flavor for January to ring in the New Year. Updates and pictures from Girl Power Hour 3 are soon to come, so check back soon. Thanks to everyone who made this week such a great one!
New York Cupcakes

An Update from the Cupcake Shop!

    It's been a busy couple of weeks here at NYCC... So much so that sometimes we joke about setting up roll away cots in the backroom because we're here so much! Lately we've been up to all sorts of fun things! Halloween (my favorite holiday) is coming up in a little over a month so we've been getting into the spirit by putting up cute decorations all over the store, and we just got all of our Halloween sugar toppers in! My favorite are the pumpkins and witches... Even the spiders (which I normally don't like) are cute!
Halloween cupcakes for a special order
Pirate cupcakes!
We decorated the cases for Halloween!
    In addition to preparing for Halloween we have just rolled out four new flavors! Among them are the the "Sweet Cherry Kisses," the sweetest cherry frosting on your choice of dark chocolate or vanilla cake with either a maraschino cherry or a Hershey's kiss on top, the "Ole Miss Mud Pie, a dark chocolate cake baked on top of an Oreo crust, filled with Ghiradelli soft caramel and topped with Oreo-mocha buttercream, a dollop of whipped buttercream, a mocha bean, and finished with a drizzle of Dilettante fudge. They don't make mud pies like this in Mississippi!"An Affair to remember, which is a  fluffy vanilla cake with a creamy dreamy caramel frosting, topped with a pinch of brown sugar and finished off with a sweet caramel candy, and finally we have what is in my opinion the best seasonal flavor we've had yet; "The Big Apple," a vanilla cake topped with apple pie frosting and sprinkled with homemade cobbler crust! If you are an apple pie fan you will LOVE this cupcake!

    Also keeping us busy is the preparations we've been making for Cupcakes for a Cause. As many of you know, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We will be selling cupcakes for the cause and donating part of the proceeds to Cancer Care for Kids, which provides free services to children and families affected by cancer. To help us out with the cause, come into New York Cupcakes September 20-26th and purchase any cupcake with the smiley face sugar topper on it. Twenty five cents from each cupcake purchased will go straight to the cause!

    That's all for now, but we have a lot of fun events coming up soon including the 3rd Annual Girl Power Hour and Runway to Freedom, a fashion show supporting new beginnings for abused women, so stay tuned for photos and highlights from the events!

Switching Gears

It's sad for us to report that our feisty, fiery, redhead Heather decided to jump out of an airplane and had a rather difficult landing, injuring her back in the process. She'll be out for a bit and in her absence we will blog on her behalf. Stay tuned for some fun information and cool photos of what we've been up to here at New York Cupcakes.
    Heather, we miss you! We hope you get well soon and we'll keep your fans posted on your behalf!
XOXO the gals at New York Cupcakes

It's that time again!

King 5 is having their 'BEST OF 2010' and we are currently in 2nd place for best desserts!!!! Follow this link here and vote for us, to help bring us to 1st place!!! And don't forget to have your friends and family vote as well!!!
Plus you get a free cupcake for voting!!!
Thanks so much friends!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


Cupcake Cupcake I love you!

Last night we had a fun event with CRAVE Seattle! The event was at Shilshole Bay Beach Club (try saying that three times fast!), and it was such a beautiful day for it! We brought with us 300 mini cupcakes, with some of our favorite flavors! We brought I <3 PB&J, Candy Store Salted Caramel, Coney Island Coconut, 5th AVE., Cheatin' with Chocolate, Radio City Raspberry, Orange Dreamsicle, Carrie-d Away Cosmopolitan, Long Island Lemon, and Red Velvet! The I <3 PB& J was the ABSOLUTE favorite of the night! I cannot tell you how quickly those flew off the tier! All the ladies loved them! The second favorite was the Candy Store Salted Caramel! The cupcakes were a hit all night, and we made a lot of friends with our cute little cakes! We added our fun edible glitter to all of the cupcakes, and boy-oh-boy what a hit those were!
Look at all of these beautiful cupcakes!
I worked CRAVE's logo into our cupcakes for a cute little kick. How cute!
So what do you Crave?? I crave.... Chocolate Chip Cupcakes!!!
Such a beautiful place! I actually had my senior prom here! It was kind of a weird flash back!
See? I told you it was a beautiful day!
Other than the CRAVE event, we've had a lot of weddings lately! We had one at Golden Gardens with some beautiful Coconut, Vanilla Bean, and Salted Caramel Cupcakes! They had a 6" Coconut Cutting Cake on top, and we added our beautiful sparkles, which gave it the perfect finishing touch! It was the perfect sunny weekend for a beach wedding!
We also had a wedding at Sanders Mansion, which was a beautiful wedding set up! They went with Mocha, Mixed Berries & Cream, Banana, and Red Velvet. They had a quirky little topper with the Bride 'wearing the pants' and the groom without any!
Also, it must be baby Season! I'm thinking there are tons and tons of babies being born everyday with the amount of Baby Boxes that are flying out our doors! Here is a super cute Baby Box that I made! They were having a 'Sugar, and spice, and everything nice' theme! How cute!
I also did a wedding shower the other day, their colors were white, orange, and brown, so we went with a cute little heart monogram and little white flowers to go along with it!
We've also had a few cutting cakes for weddings. I love making these little cakes, so keep 'em coming! This cute little guy is a Raspberry and Chocolate Summer cake! YUM!
This one here is a vanilla cake with Raspberry buttercream covered in pink and brown fondant! Super cute!
Also, kind of fun, our cupcakes are now being sold at The Weathered Rose in Bothell at the Country Village! Its a super cute Antique shop, and if your on the North End you can get our cupcakes there as well! Its a smaller selection of cake, but stop by on the weekends and you'll be able to get some good flavors! We went to go see the space, and whil we were there we met this cute little guy!
So go check them out, they are super nice people and it is an absolutely adorable shop! I love antique shopping, and they had some adorable things in their shop! Click HERE to check out their website! There are a lot of fun shops at Country Village, and some good places to eat as well!
Also coming up next week I am going on vacation to Los Angeles for my cousins wedding! I am also going to be meeting up with the New York Cupcakes Photographer Amanda Waltman to go skydiving! I'm SO excited! I've never been before so I can't wait! Don't forget to look at Amanda's website HERE. If you have been in the shop in the past month or so you've seen her beautiful large prints of our adorable little cakes!
Well I had better get back to work! Its a busy day here in the shop, and HOLY MOLY it smells good in here! Come stop by this Saturday for the book signing and get your free mini!

Just a quick note...

Well its been a very busy month! Just thought I'd send out a quick blog before we go out tonight! We are going to an event for Crave Seattle, and we are bringing 300 cupcakes along with us! I'll blog all about all of our fun weddings we've had lately after our fun event tonight, so keep posted!
Also, come join us this Saturday for a book signing with authors Leslie J. May and Charles R. Ratliff for their new book ' The Hideout in the Abandoned Fish Hatchery'! They will be in the store from 2pm-4pm and we will be giving out free mini's (while supplies last) during the signing! Check out this link here for a little bit about the book!
We hope to see you there! Keep your eye out for another blog coming up quickly! I have a lot of fun pictures from weddings and events!
Keep cool out there!

It's a busy busy cupcake month!

Well summer is here, but the sun is still M.I.A! It sure feels like summer in the cupcake shop because we are busy busy little bees!
I'm so excited to announce that every Friday night from 5pm-7pm we are offering Cupcake Cocktail Hour! We have 5 super scrumptious flavors with a kick of liquor in them!
We have the 'A little TOO Carrie-d Away Cosmopolitain' which is our classic Cosmo cupcake you've become familiar with over the past few months, but instead of the classic white cake, we have a white cake with Vodka, and a Vodka/Cosmopolitan buttercream on top with a slice of candy lime! The buttercream is so fluffy, you'll just float away on a Cosmo cloud! (I know I sound ridiculous, but really, try it, you'll feel the same way!)
'Pink Lady' is a Cherry Vodka treat! A cherry vodka cake with a cherry vodka buttercream, topped with pink edible glitter, and a maraschino cherry on top! This takes the sweet cherry to a far away grown up land! This one seemed to be a favorite last Friday night, and there's a good reason for that! Its adorable and DELICIOUS!
'Little Miss Tipsy' is our AWARD WINNING Lemoncello & Raspberry Vodka cupcake! We got 1st place at Cupcake Camp Seattle against some major competitors for the most unique flavors! This cupcake is a Lemoncello and Raspberry Vodka swirled cake, with a dreamy Lemoncello (when I say dreamy, I mean I could just sit in the back room and eat it with a spoon!) buttercream topped with fresh raspberries in a raspberry vodka glaze! OH GOODNESS THIS ONE WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!! (I also shouldn't write about delicious cupcakes while I'm hungry!)
'The Rat Pack' is also scrumptious! It is a classic Coca-Cola cake with a light fluffy Jack Daniels buttercream and a candy coke bottle to top it off! It's a delicious alternative to the classic Jack & Coke! This is my favorite drink, and I must say, the cupcake is pretty amazing!
We've also brought back a special order favorite, the 'Kahlua & Cream'! We did this cupcake for the huge Microsoft Order that we did a while back, and it was the first to go! It is our classic chocolate cake with a chocolate and Kahlua buttercream topped with a chocolate coffee bean and chocolate sprinkles!
So seriously, I can't be the only one who is this excited about Cupcake Cocktail Hour! Come in and try them this Friday night!

"Hello, my name is Heather, and I have an addiction.... TO RICE KRISPIE CUPCAKES!"
We've introduced our newest love, and her name is 'Snap Crackle LOVE!' She's a marshmallow infused white cake, with marshmallow fluff and rice krispies baked into the cake, topped with Marshmallow buttercream, and fresh yummy rice krispies treats! I can't resist a rice krispie treat, and this cupcake wins in the battle of Rice Krispie Treat vs. Snap Crackle LOVE!

Its been a busy month and we've also introduced our yummy Candy Shop Cupcakes! Delicious candy flavored cupcakes for any sweet tooth! One of my favorite is the Pixi Stick Cupcake, a sweet tangy candy buttercream topped with crunchy candy peices! Another favorite is the Cherry Bubble Gum Cupcake, topped with delicious Cherry Buttercream and a cherry blow pop on top!

Here are also some fun cakes & cupcakes I've made in the past few weeks!
Also recently, three of my favorite people came to visit the cupcake shop! This picture is just too cute not to share! I've known Nathan, Addison, and Jackson since before all of them were born, and boy do they love cupcakes! Or as Jackson calls them 'Cup-yakes!'
I hope everyone is having a wonderful (and overcast) summer so far! I'm hoping the sun graces us with it's presence soon, before I die from lack of sun exposure! ;) Have a safe & fun 4th of July!It's my favorite holiday so I'm pretty excited!!! Any excuse for a B.B.Q. and I'm a happy girl!!