Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let there be LIGHT!

Well I'm down at the new shop today, and we got our cute chandeliers up! Well, we didn't do it, our super cute electricians did it! But YAY! 
Aren't these beautiful?? Don't look at the yellow wall, don't worry, they will be PINK! :)

We also passed out about 7 dozen cupcakes to everyone walking around by the store! We will be here again tomorrow from about 1-5 so stop on by if you are around and see if we have any cupcakes to give away!!!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Blues-day?

Where is the sun? I don't think Mother Nature got the memo that Summer has started! WHERE IS THE SUN????

Well we have been very busy lately with beautiful summer weddings and we are getting ready to start construction in the new shop! We have been going back and forth between the new Madison shop and the Bellevue shop quite frequently lately, and its slowly starting to take a New York Cupcake shape! 
 We haven't changed out all the signage yet, but we are teasing everyone with this guy for a bit! Also, if you are in the area stop by and say 'Hi' if you are there! We are trying to pass out samples of cupcakes every time we are down there, so stop on by if you are in the area! 
 Sample cupcakes!!!
 Here is the big chandelier that is going to go in the new store!!!
 Lisa working hard and scrubbing the floor! But we love the black and white checker that is just like our Bellevue store!
The past few weeks we have also been doing a LOT of summer weddings! I think this Saturday alone we have seven set ups! Oooh! That is a lot of cupcakes! So check back next week for a lot of cupcake pictures! 
If you are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, don't forget that we do complimentary wedding tastings! To set up a wedding tasting, take a look at our website and see what flavors you would like to try, and pick up to 10 flavors and give us a call to set an appointment! We can take up to 3 people per tasting! 

Recently we did an event for the opening of 'Horrible Bosses' and we brought about 200 mini cupcakes! We brought are sweet photographer Amanda Waltman from Art of Subtlety Photography! It was kind of funny to see a movie about horrible bosses, with my not so horrible boss! If you haven't seen the movie already you should check it out! We were all dying laughing through the entire movie!

 Also, at the new store we made two new friends! The first is a cute little grey kitty cat who we named Cupcake! We aren't sure if he has a home, but he sure was a friendly little bugger! We left the back door open while we were cleaning the store, and he sat at the door and hung out for a few hours! Such a happy little fellow! So if you stop by and see him, make sure to say hi to Cupcake too! 

Our Second new friend is a little man named Evan! He is the coolest dude around! He tried our cupcakes and told us that we were 895% good! What an awesome compliment! We're hoping to see more of this little guy around, cause he is a funny little man! We love him!
 Well I'm off to go decorate lots of cute cupcakes!

Hope your all having a sweet day!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The cupcake is out of the wrapper!



How exciting is that? We will be moving to East Madison Street in Seattle and taking over the spot for Bella Dolce Bakery!

We are very VERY excited about this big change, and can't wait to get in there and give it a touch of New York Cupcakes Style! I'm going to be keeping the blog updated over the next few weeks to bring you a 'Before & After' update, and keep you posted about our adventures of opening our second location!

Today we are going in to get the keys, and then we can start moving in! So keep checking back for lots of fun posts and details about the move!

Until then, here are some fun photo's of all the things we've been up to over the past month!

Hope everyone is out there enjoying the funky summer that we are having!!! 

I'll be posting regularly with updates on the new store, and posting lots of pictures! So keep posted!