Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seattle Wedding Show 2011

This past weekend we participated in the Seattle Wedding Show! It was crazy busy and lots of fun! We had thousands of brides and their friends and families passing by and trying our cupcakes! It was a great turn out! We went through over 2500 cupcakes in two days. It was pretty awesome! 

This year we went with a bigger booth size and it was beautiful! Lisa and I had been planning our booth for about 2-3 months (I've had plenty of time at home recovering from a broken back to do all the icky paperwork involved!) and it was so worth all the hard work! We had a lot of positive feedback from everyone, and we want to thank everyone who stopped by to say hello!  Alright I'll stop jabbering and get on to the photos!

Don't forget we do complimentary wedding tastings in the store, so call if you want to set up an appointment!
Hope everyone is having a good week!

This is our favorite tier so far! Ivory colored Pure Bliss cupcakes with a 3 level square cake on top! All fresh flowers were provided by my dad at Toppers Floral in Seattle (Its handy having a dad in the flower business!)

How flippin' cute is our booth!?!
 Right up in front is the tier of mini cupcakes we were refilling for samples all day!

 I made a wall of cakes!

 This cake might be my favorite!

 The picture below this cake is my grandma and grandpa! How cute are they!?

 SAMPLE CUPCAKES!! We had Coconut, Lemon, Little Miss Sunshine, Snicker doodle, Mint, Salted Caramel, Boston Cream, 5th AVE, Cheatin with Chocolate, and Red Velvet! I think we had more flavors available than any other cake place there!

 Here are my two partners in crime, Lisa and Lizzie (aka Lizzard)
 Lizzard photo bombing the cupcakes?!

 A mini replica of a cake I did for a wedding last summer. Lisa's mother in law provided the broach, so cute!

 Little Miss Sunshine... YUM!
 Boston Cream...
 Pure Bliss, and Red velvet... mmm... I'm getting hungry!

 Lizzie, I think there might be a cupcake in your teacup!


  1. A cupcake fell in my tea!

  2. I am happy to see these photos from wedding show. Everything looks such fantastic. We are getting married so I am also attending wedding shows these days to grab unique ideas for our big day. On next weekend I would travel to LA for attending annual bridal expo at popular Los Angeles venues.