Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm a bad blogger!

Holy Moly! It's been a busy past few weeks and I haven't had any time to blog! I feel so bad! I'm back full time now, and I think the few months I was gone recovering from my broken back, my 'To-Do' list got a little out of control!!! You know how it goes right? So much to do and so little time!

So I'm going to load you up with a TON of fun photos from events that we've done lately! So I'll start first with Lord Hill Farms and Girl Power Hour! We had two events on one day, so we split our selves up and went both directions! First we went to Lord Hill Farms and took a beautiful display of cupcakes out to Snohomish!

All of the other vendors were fantastic to work with, and they had a delicious Macaroni and Cheese! We are all suckers here at NYCC for some good Mac & Cheese! Lord Hill Farms is a beautiful venue with a gorgeous view of a valley and trees out the top window where a wedding ceremony would be held. On our drive out we saw a beautiful Bald Eagle and an alpaca farm! How fun! We wanted to feed an alpaca a cupcake, but I'm sure their owners wouldn't be very happy with us! :)

That very same night we had a Girl Power Hour event out in Pnk Ultra Lounge in Seattle. We put our cute dresses on, and made our way downtown! It was a really amazing turn out! We ran out of cupcakes before the night was even over!

Pnk Ultra Lounge was such a great place to have a Girl Power Hour event, it was completely lit in all pink and beautiful! Such a great lounge to have a few drinks and have some girl time! They were featuring Bacardi's new Cherry Vodka, the drinks they made with them tasted like Skittles! It was fabulous!

The next week we had a wedding event at The Sanctuary in West Seattle! It was a cute little venue, with a fun balcony that reminded me of an old theater! We saw some of our friends there like Act 3 Catering, and Ravishing Radish!

One of the vendors there had these cute little citrus martinis! They were adorable! These little glasses were only about 3 inches tall! The favorite cupcake of the night was the I <3 PB&J! I think people were nervous about it at first, but once someone sampled one, word spread like wild fire, and everyone kept coming back saying, " I heard about this Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcake...." needless to say they were gone before we knew what happened!

I'm going to keep blogging today so don't stop reading yet!!!


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