Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Madison is OPEN!

Today is our first day of opening down at our new Seattle location! It's so exciting! The store finally looks like it belongs to us!!! 
Last night was a crazy night trying to get some of the little things set up, and our contractors George (we like to call him Georgie Porgie) and Reggie were helping us hang our aprons across our 'clothes line'. 
It was kind of fun watching these two manly men hanging the aprons in just the right way! We couldn't have opened this place up with out them!!! Thanks guys!

And right when we opened our doors, two of our favorite customers Pam & and her daughter visiting from San Diego, came in and bought the first cupcakes out of the shop! 
We just love these ladies! We even put up our very first dollar we made from them!!! Thanks ladies! You are the best! 
So I've got to run, still a lot of things to do in this new little shop! So come on by and treat yourself to something sweet! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


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