Thursday, February 17, 2011

A few fun extras!

So much going on in the cupcake store! The other day we had our dear friend Betsy from JavaCupcake for a mini Birthday party in the shop! We were also joined by our friend Carrie from Bella Cupcake Couture for Betsy's Birthday as well! So sweet that she chose us out of all the other cupcake shops to have her birthday celebration! We treated her to her favorite cupcake - the Park Avenue Peanut Butter, with a candle on top! So much fun! We had lots of girl talk and had a great time! Betsy took lots of fun photos for her blog! Go check it out click HERE. She is moving to Germany soon, and we will definitely miss her!

Here is a photo from a wedding we did at Lord Hill Farms after our event with them a few weeks ago! We came in and set up, and they had the venue set up in such a cute way! Twinkle lights everywhere, and each guests table had a different photo of the bride and groom! So cute!
 We also just wrapped up our busiest day this year so far which was Valentines Day!!! It was absolutely crazy in here! We had a line out the door all day long! If you stopped in to get some sweet treats for your sweetie, you know what I'm talking about! We had some fun Valentines cupcakes, and I'm sure these little treats made everyone very happy on the day o' love! 
 I thought everyone should also see this adorable little pup Daisy, who is Lisa's (owner of NYCC) little dachsie wearing her cute little cupcake bows! She can be our cute little cupcake mascot! If you have any fun pictures of your pets in cupcake gear you should post it on our facebook page! We love little critters here, and would love to see your pets all dressed up in CUPCAKES!! 
The day before Valentines Day, we donated some cupcakes and a cake to an auction, and the cake had a Valentines theme to it! I decided to go with a candy heart theme, and it turned out pretty darn cute!
 We also had a fun cake for a 10 year old's Birthday Party! They were going with a fun Hollywood themed cake! I went with a red carpet Oscar theme for the cake! So cute! I had so much fun making it!
Well I've gotten a few blogs out today and I hope I got everything covered! Next week I will be picking a blogger of the week (on Monday) so leave lots of love here on the blog!!! I love to hear what you guys have to say!!  Also, we are having a big vote on Facebook for the flavor of the month for March! We can't decide if we should do a Guinness Stout Cupcake or an Irish Mocha Cupcake! So leave some feedback on our Facebook page, and your favorite could be the one we choose!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! We have some weddings coming up this weekend so I'll post some pictures up! Thought I'd also post this picture of some yummy Candy Store Salted Caramel mini cupcakes, just to make you drool ;)


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  1. Love the Valentine cupcakes, they look classy.