Friday, December 10, 2010

Cupcakes Take the Cake Birthday Bash!

This past Tuesday we got to participate in the Cupcakes Take the Cake's 6th Birthday Party, and we had so much fun!!! We set up a beautiful cupcake display, and got to see a lot of our cupcake friends from around town! We got to mingle with Rocket Queen Cupcakes, The Radical Cupcake, Bella Bella Cupcakes, Cakespy, Jenny Cookies, Bella Cupcake Couture, Trophy Cupcakes, and our wonderful hostess of the evening Betsy from Javacake
Here is Betsy telling all of us about the door prizes! 
Here are the Rocket Queen Girls! Love these crazy girls!
  All sorts of fun cupcake fun happened down in Queen Anne at Chopstix Piano Bar!
 They had dueling pianos, a cupcake decorating contest, TONS of wonderful door prizes, and more cupcakes than you would know what to do with!!! 

 We arrived early to set up our 170 cupcakes and birthday cake! I have to say sometimes I'm pretty darn impressed with ourselves! This is definitely going on the top of my list of favorite cupcake displays!!! I made them a special birthday cake just for the event! It turned out so cute when it was all set up! We had all sorts of flavors including, I <3 PB&J (a crowd favorite!), Candy Store Salted Caramel, Pure Bliss, Cheatin' with Chocolate, Radio City Raspberry, An Affair to Remember, Long Island Lemon, Royal Red Velvet, Sweet Cherry Kisses, and Soho Strawberry! So many to choose from!! We went with one solid theme of birthday and decorated them with sprinkles, sparkles, and birthday candles! So much fun!

Here is the whole tier! Isn't it beautiful?
Here is my cake! I love it!
 Cute little cakes! Can you spot your favorite flavor?
What's a birthday without candles?
Miss Lisa standing next to all of our hard work, and sweet little cakes!
 After everyone filled their bellies with great food and cupcakes, there was a cupcake decorating contest! I competed against Donna of Bella Bella Cupcakes, and Marisa of The Radical Cupcake! We had 3 minutes to decorate 12 cupcakes provided by Trophy Cupcake, and use toppings to make them super adorable! Lucks provided all the sprinkles and toppings for the competition and they were so cute!
 Here I am ready to compete with my frosting bags full and ready!!!
 Here is Marisa of Radical Cupcakes, she was so crafty setting up and getting ready to compete!
Here are the judges for the contest!!! Carrie Middlemiss of Bella Cupcake Couture, Betsy Eves of (not pictured) and Cupcakes Take the Cake, Jessie Oleson of and Jessica Stanley of Rocket Queen Cupcakes.
 Sometimes you have to dump your sprinkles out, its all about speed!
 I had three frosting tips, and I went for it! I mimicked our Birthday Bash box, cause they are pretty darn cute, it had to win right?
Judges working hard!
My cupcakes!
I won a whole bunch of Lucks Sugar toppings, a pack of Bella Cupcake Couture Wrappers, and a cute little certificate! I had a lot fun and made a lot of friends while doing this, and the other ladies did such a good job as well!
The dueling pianos were fun, and we even got the treat of one little cupcake fan singing us all a christmas song! It was the cutest thing ever! She was so precious! 
It was a fabulous evening, and I'm sure everyone left on a sugar rush!

On a side note, we get requests ALL THE TIME for allergy free cupcakes, and I just want to make sure if you are looking for gluten free, vegan, dairy, etc-free cupcakes, PLEASE go check out our friends at The Radical Cupcake. She does all sorts of cute allergy free cupcakes!

Also, if you are in Oregon, don't forget to check out our friends down at Rocket Queen Cupcakes, they are some fiesty ladies, and we love them!

Up next, we will be doing cupcakes for Star 101.5 this next Tuesday the 14th for a concert with Lee DeWyze the winner of American Idol!!! I'm brainstorming some super cute themed cupcakes, so stay tuned for LOTS of cute baby cakes coming next week!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend to come! And a big thank you to all my friends and family for your support in winning this decorating contest! <3
Much Love,

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