Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lee DeWyze Star 101.5 STAR stage!!

This morning we were some pretty lucky girls and got to go to STAR 101.5's Star Stage event & give cupcakes to American Idol winner Lee DeWyze! Such a cutie! 
We gave him two Candy Store Salted Caramel, a Royal Red Velvet, a Long Island Lemon, a Vanilla Bean Dream, and a I <3 PB&J. 
 We got to KOMO news station this morning and provided cupcakes to 150 lucky winners of STAR 101.5's listeners!! We peeked around and got to see the control room where all the KOMO business goes down. Being the film school junkie that I am, I always get excited around that kind of stuff. 
Zeek's Pizza was there with tons and tons of delicious pizza. Lisa and I can never turn down a good slice of pizza that's for sure! I had the cheese and BBQ chicken pizza, YUM!!!
We even got to stick around and see the show afterwords, and wow, this guy can sing!!! Such a handsome fellow, and as sweet as can be! It was super adorable at the very end of the show they were trying to cut him off, and he asked if he could play 'just one more song' as a Christmas present to all of us there, and he finished up the show with his cover of the song 'Hallelujah' and it was beautiful! Might be my favorite cover of the song!

Fans got to ask some questions, and one girl asked if she could take him out to dinner, to which he responded, "No, I should take YOU out to dinner!" with a smile. Another asked about his traveling, and he said that he had only been home for a total of 3 weeks this whole year! WOW! He even played a little guitar while answering questions for 'question music' as he called it!
Morning host's Kent & Allen started the show off for us, and even gave away some fun prizes! Then Lee and his piano player Lincoln came out and gave an awesome show! 
After the show we got to have our picture taken with both Lee and Lincoln (the keyboard player), which I'll post up by this Thursday when it gets sent to us. Both of these guys were gentlemen and hugged us on our way out! Needless to say I was completely swooning! <3



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