Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's a busy busy cupcake month!

Well summer is here, but the sun is still M.I.A! It sure feels like summer in the cupcake shop because we are busy busy little bees!
I'm so excited to announce that every Friday night from 5pm-7pm we are offering Cupcake Cocktail Hour! We have 5 super scrumptious flavors with a kick of liquor in them!
We have the 'A little TOO Carrie-d Away Cosmopolitain' which is our classic Cosmo cupcake you've become familiar with over the past few months, but instead of the classic white cake, we have a white cake with Vodka, and a Vodka/Cosmopolitan buttercream on top with a slice of candy lime! The buttercream is so fluffy, you'll just float away on a Cosmo cloud! (I know I sound ridiculous, but really, try it, you'll feel the same way!)
'Pink Lady' is a Cherry Vodka treat! A cherry vodka cake with a cherry vodka buttercream, topped with pink edible glitter, and a maraschino cherry on top! This takes the sweet cherry to a far away grown up land! This one seemed to be a favorite last Friday night, and there's a good reason for that! Its adorable and DELICIOUS!
'Little Miss Tipsy' is our AWARD WINNING Lemoncello & Raspberry Vodka cupcake! We got 1st place at Cupcake Camp Seattle against some major competitors for the most unique flavors! This cupcake is a Lemoncello and Raspberry Vodka swirled cake, with a dreamy Lemoncello (when I say dreamy, I mean I could just sit in the back room and eat it with a spoon!) buttercream topped with fresh raspberries in a raspberry vodka glaze! OH GOODNESS THIS ONE WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!! (I also shouldn't write about delicious cupcakes while I'm hungry!)
'The Rat Pack' is also scrumptious! It is a classic Coca-Cola cake with a light fluffy Jack Daniels buttercream and a candy coke bottle to top it off! It's a delicious alternative to the classic Jack & Coke! This is my favorite drink, and I must say, the cupcake is pretty amazing!
We've also brought back a special order favorite, the 'Kahlua & Cream'! We did this cupcake for the huge Microsoft Order that we did a while back, and it was the first to go! It is our classic chocolate cake with a chocolate and Kahlua buttercream topped with a chocolate coffee bean and chocolate sprinkles!
So seriously, I can't be the only one who is this excited about Cupcake Cocktail Hour! Come in and try them this Friday night!

"Hello, my name is Heather, and I have an addiction.... TO RICE KRISPIE CUPCAKES!"
We've introduced our newest love, and her name is 'Snap Crackle LOVE!' She's a marshmallow infused white cake, with marshmallow fluff and rice krispies baked into the cake, topped with Marshmallow buttercream, and fresh yummy rice krispies treats! I can't resist a rice krispie treat, and this cupcake wins in the battle of Rice Krispie Treat vs. Snap Crackle LOVE!

Its been a busy month and we've also introduced our yummy Candy Shop Cupcakes! Delicious candy flavored cupcakes for any sweet tooth! One of my favorite is the Pixi Stick Cupcake, a sweet tangy candy buttercream topped with crunchy candy peices! Another favorite is the Cherry Bubble Gum Cupcake, topped with delicious Cherry Buttercream and a cherry blow pop on top!

Here are also some fun cakes & cupcakes I've made in the past few weeks!
Also recently, three of my favorite people came to visit the cupcake shop! This picture is just too cute not to share! I've known Nathan, Addison, and Jackson since before all of them were born, and boy do they love cupcakes! Or as Jackson calls them 'Cup-yakes!'
I hope everyone is having a wonderful (and overcast) summer so far! I'm hoping the sun graces us with it's presence soon, before I die from lack of sun exposure! ;) Have a safe & fun 4th of July!It's my favorite holiday so I'm pretty excited!!! Any excuse for a B.B.Q. and I'm a happy girl!!


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