Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm a Bad Blogger!

Apparently this whole blogging thing takes a bit of time to keep up! So I apologize for my laziness and not updating more often! I'll try better I promise!
Its been a very busy week for me in cupcake land, and I've got plenty to share! It's officially wedding season, and MAN-OH-MAN do we have a lot to bake! It really is a lot of fun to see all the different ideas that everyone has for their weddings! My favorite part is getting to make the cutting cakes! I've got a few really fun 3 tier cakes coming up in the next month or so, so keep your eye out for photos! Here is one from last week, it was a pink and lime green polka dot themed cake, and it was a lot of fun to make! I hope the bride liked it as much as I liked making it!
We are also getting ready right now for a HUGE Microsoft order for next week, they are getting 1500 cupcakes, and we are even bringing in extra help so that we can get them the freshest cake possible!!! Just imagine, 43 Industrial size trays of cupcakes! Holy moly that's a lot of cake!!! One of my girls Lizzie and I made the boxes for the order, and lets just say only 1 paper cut, and yes, we got lost in a sea of boxes!!! But we had some amazing girl time while we folded and fastened those pesky boxes!
After that Microsoft Order, we have an event this Sunday called 'Save the Girls' and it is to support Breast Cancer with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It is going to have a Bra Fashion Show, and I just finished making our New York Cupcakes Bra! It was a lot of hot glue, and a lot of fun! Check out my previous blog about it, and I've also posted the link on the side (on the top right) to the event!
This week, I also got a new tattoo (completely not related to cupcakes, but it's me, so go figure! Read the 'about me' section if you haven't already!!) which if you see me around the store, you'll see me flaunting it and showing it off.. I'm kind of in love. Other then that I've just been trying to enjoy the sunshine when I can, and trying to prep myself for the big week ahead!
Come on in this week and try out our new flavors! The Chocolate Cookie Dough cupcake is simply divine, and we keep selling out, so come in early if you want to try it!!! I'm not a banana person (okay, actually I loathe bananas) but everyone REALLY loves them, and we are also having a hard time keeping those from selling out!!! So drop in and say hi if your in the neighbor hood! Also, mention this blog, and we'll give you a free mini! YUM!
So I hope everyone is having fun out there! And don't forget to wear sunscreen in this amazing weather! Skin Cancer is ugly! Also, a big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! to all the lovely mothers out there! I spent today with my mother out on the deck enjoying her amazing view of Puget Sound and enjoying lunch with the whole family! I hope you all had an amazing day!


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