Saturday, November 13, 2010

So much to blog, so little time...

Yes yes, I am a horrible blogger. There are just so many cupcakes and so little time! I might not blog all the time, but I think about blogging all the time... does that count for effort?? Haha! Anyhoo, its been a big week over here in cupcake land!
'Save the Girls' Event
First we had the 'Save the Girls' Event, which supported the Susan G. Komen foundation. We got there and set up all the cupcakes, and they were absolutely darling!
We weren't able to make it to the actual event, but if you want to see pictures from the event head on over to Kiro News (click this link and it will take you to the slideshow). There were a lot of fun bra's created by different companies, and some of them are crazy! You'll have to check them out and see what you think ;) Here is a picture of the girl in the NYCC bra that I made! Silly but fun!
 The event was held at Pravda in Seattle, and it was a cute little place!

'Girl Power Hour' at the Hard Rock Cafe
After that we had a Girl Power Hour at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. Girl Power Hour is a fun event that we participate with, where women get together to network and mingle!
Hard Rock is new to Seattle, and let me just say... their Long Island Iced Tea will knock you on your butt!!! Their food is also delicious! I would highly recommend their BBQ Pork Sandwich! The theme of the night was 'Sex and the City 2' and 'Find Your Inner Rock Star', kind of an interesting mixture, but the cupcakes were a fun mix of glitter and stars!
I hand made over 700 little fondant stars and hand painted zebra stripes on a lot of them! It was a lot of work, but the results were worth it! So stinkin' cute!

'Sex and the City 2' Premiere
We also did cupcakes for the Seattle 'Sex and the City 2' Premiere. We did 200 of our 'Carried-Away Cosmopolitan' Cupcakes. You can't have 'Sex and the City' without a Cosmo can you??
We got to watch the movie, and it was so good! I love SATC so if your a fan too, you HAVE to go see it! I was laughing the whole move! So good! I thought the girls wardrobes were a little excessive, but the movie definitely had a lot of funny moments!
Not only that, you get to see Liza Minelli doing Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'! She didn't give a 'Cabaret' performance, but Liza will always be close to my heart!

Weekend Wedding
Then this past weekend we had a wedding that was just beautiful!
They had a 3 tiered cake and 300 mini cupcakes. It was a gorgeous set up, and I was just happy the cake survived the drive to the venue! Man-oh-man was I worried! Traveling cakes always make me nervous!!

Other then all that we've had a busy week in the store! I'm also going to be posting pictures of all our monthly flavors up here in a photo album under the 'Photos' page! Yum Yum!
My dear friend Amanda Waltman of Art of Subtlety Photography spent the day with us photographing these cute little cakes! Check out her website if you get a chance! She is an amazing photographer!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday out there! Anyone have any good weekend plans coming up??

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