Saturday, November 13, 2010


Sorry to leave everyone hanging for a while there... We thought we'd have the chance to blog about last week's events once the excitement died down, but the fun spilled on over to this week too! Girl Power Hour 3 was even better than expected! We got to the venue about three hours early to begin setting up, hoping to have a little leeway time before the show, but as we learned, setting up 600 mini cupcakes, a 2 level cake, and 5 regular cupcakes is more work than what one would expect. Luckily we finished just in time and were able to enjoy the event! The tier looked amazing and we got to network with a lot of great people! The whole venue was fantastic. In the V.I.P. area they had professional stylists doing hair and makeup, massages, open bar, and delicious food from vendors all around the Seattle area. I think we each ate about a thousand of these Baby Buns mini cheeseburgers! There was also a fashion show and lots of other fun things. My personal favorite part was getting to introducing our cupcakes to new customers and hearing their encouraging feedback! Here are some pictures to show you what the event had to offer.
Lisa, the owner with her cupcakes
the finished tier! 600 mini cupcakes, 5 regular, and a 2 level cake
Lizzie and me (Kelly) with our finished product
the GPH team
just a couple hours after the started and this is all we had left... (notice the half eaten mini cheeseburgers in the corner... yum!)
   And now for this weeks exciting news... We are offering several new flavors! The first is a new spin on an old favorite! After many requests we've decided to alter the coconut cupcake by adding coconut into the cake! Yummmmy! And tomorrow we are introducing our seasonal flavors for October. The first is the Pumpkin Patch, which will be available in three different variations. You can choose between pumpkin cake baked on a golden graham cracker crust with our classic white buttercream, a moist white cake with the most delicious pumpkin pie buttercream, or for the real pumpkin lovers, the pumpkin cake with pumpkin buttercream. Finally, we have the Big Caramel Apple, the sweetest apple cake with creamy caramel frosting and a candied apple sweet treat on top. That's all for now, I can't write any more because those pumpkin cupcakes have put me in a food coma!
New York Cupcakes

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