Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carrie'd Away Cosmo!

Okay, let me just say...
(I thought the bigger font might help portray the deliciousness a little more he he!)

We've added a new cupcake called the Carrie-d Away Cosmopolitan (Get it? Carrie? Sex and the City?) And tomorrow (Friday) is it's first time we're letting this sweet little cupcake out in the big town!
White cake, with a Cosmopolitan Buttercream, some darling little pink sprinkles, and a slice of lime for this amazing cocktail cupcake! No happy hour required for this little mama!

Also, a topic in the kitchen tonight was; how is it we women end up with a gazillion high heels, and we don't have enough places to wear all of them?
Well I'm off to get some rest, Friday and Saturday are going to be busy busy! Can't wait for Cupcake Camp!

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