Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hi everyone! I haven't been blogging lately because I've been gone for the past two months with a broken spine, and today is my first day back in action! I thought I'd start the day off with a blog, cause I love to keep everyone updated! Of course I had to have a cupcake first thing when I came in, so I'm trying the 'Southern Sweetie Potato Pie' which is DELICIOUS! If you could make the season of Fall into a cupcake, this little guy is IT! Love love love!
So this all happened when I decided to go skydiving with my dear friend Amanda, (who takes all of the photos for us here at New York Cupcakes)! Unfortunately I had a bad landing and broke my spine, but I'm healing up as well as could be expected, and I get to wear a very fancy back brace everyday. ;) Here's a picture of me up in the sky! And if your looking to skydive yourself, don't let my little mishap guide you, I still had the time of my LIFE! Hey look! It's me!

I've come into the store for the first time in a while today, and it is SO FESTIVE in here! There are pink sparklies everywhere, and holiday decorations all over the place! We are also selling a lot of our cute little ornaments, and some of our holiday items, so come in and check them out! We have a lot of fun things that would make excellent stocking stuffers! Here is a basket of cute little cupcakes that we are selling, how cute would they look on your tree? (hint hint) hehe!
Here is our little pink tree we have decorated, some of the ornaments are our own, and others are from our friends next door at Common Folk.
We are also now carrying our very own brand of loose leaf Tea! These teas are absolutely delicious! The flavors match up with our cupcake flavors, so it's a perfect compliment to our cupcakes! Right now we have 'Coney Island Coconut', 'Radio City Raspberry', 'Long Island Lemon', 'Little Miss Sunshine' (which smells so good!), 'Orange Dreamsicle', Soho Strawberry', and 'Pumpkin Patch'. These are fabulous, and make great gifts! We are also carrying cute little tea pots that are perfect for brewing just the perfect cup of tea!
Here is how the teas come! There are about 8-12 single servings per bag depending on how strong you like your tea!

Here is the darling little tea pot that we are selling with the teas! One bag of tea made in the tea pot is about 3-4 full teapots full (depending on your personal preference of how strong you like it!)
These make a great holiday gift for any tea lover! Another fun idea would be to give it as a gift with a gift card for cupcakes! How fun!
Another fun way to have cupcakes for the holidays is with the Meri Meri cupcake wrappers and decorations that we have in the shop! These are such a fun way to dress up these sweet little cakes! The Meri Meri kits run for $12.00 per box! (There is an additional fee for us baking and decorating them, call the store for details!) Here is a display we did where we baked the cupcakes in the wrappers, and decorated to match! Wouldn't this be the perfect thing for all of your holiday parties? Don't forget to special order these in advance if you want us to bake & decorate them!
Here are the Nutcraker set is also adorable! Cute little ballerinas and nutcrackers with the King Mouse and a tree! So festive!
Here is the 'Tis the Season pack! With Santas, stockings, reindeer, and a tree! This is the package that we used in our display in the store, and also pictured above!
We also have two new flavors for our Breakfast Cupcakes! One is the 'Orange U Sweet' and it is a mandarin orange cake with a cream cheese frosting, and a cute little orange slice on top! The other is the 'Strawberry Feilds Forever' which is a strawberry cake with a strawberry cream cheese frosting, topped wiht a sweet strawberry and finished with powderd sugar and sprinkles!
Give them a try the next time you stop by! Add a cup of Tully's coffee for a great way to start your day!
Keep your eye out for more blogs to come! We have a lot coming up this holiday season & I'm back in the store part time, so if you see me in here say hello! Keep warm out there everyone! Its getting cold!!!


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